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    Cosmetics Molded Pulp Trays

    Cosmetics Molded Pulp Trays

    As china professional supplier of paper pulp,we can design and manufacture bamboo and bagasse molded paper pulp products suitable for industries with the highest cosmetic standards .

    Our paper pulp tray offer better protect to your products from external forces in the process of transportation. As a tray, it can also protect your cosmetics and wine fragile products from strike, but also can make your products more delicate in front of consumers. In addition, we also design and produce Pulp molded boxes, which are usually used in cosmetic packaging boxes. Their delicate appearance and good tactile sense will make consumers have a favorable impression on them. And the feature of biodegradable of Pulp molded boxes will be well suited to future trends.

    Size:Customized as per request

    Material: bamboo, sugarcane byproduct, bagasse

    Type: molded pulp tray/box

    Color: White or other color

    Advantage: automatic machine made, High-Quality, 100% biodegradable, allmeets export standard

    Process Type: Pulp Molding

    Usage:lining /insert/packaging box

    Use: cosmetics packaging

    Package: with PE bag pack in corrugated master shipping carton box and standard pallet

    Design: Your own design and OEM welcome

    Design software: AI PDF  CAD PRO E  SOLIDWORKS

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