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    Lihua Group
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    One Stop Service

    One Stop Service

    As a responsible business partner, the Lihua Group will manage and execute the development and production of your packaging project from design, to production, to timely delivery. At the same time, we ensure that our products will comply with your quality requirements and social standards.
    • Design Design
      Based in six locations, our global team includes:
      • 10 structural designers
      • 2 Graphic Designers
      • 40 packaging & materials engineers
      • 10 Pre-press technicians
    • Production Production
      You can rely on our flexible, on-time, and reliable production methods. Our secure manufacturing facilities specialize in automation and quality control.
    • Delivery Delivery
      The Lihua Group has systems in place to manage the delivery and distribution of your packaging products. We can support JIT deliveries based on demand, reducing risk and improving quality.